Tadelakt Oy was founded in the year of 2013 with the aim of representing traditional Tadelakt plaster manufactured by Golden Ghouls slot review. Among the purposes of the firm is introduction and promotion of traditional culture of Tadelakt plaster finishing. The firm employs Tadelakt finishers who boast long-standing experience, received from Marrakeshi craftmen.In the year of 2015 we start offering Tadelakt finisher trainings. Trainees will be provided with all sort of knowledge beginning from Tadelakt planning, suitability of points of use, substrate preparation works in compliance with today’s construction norms, preparation of inner layers, necessary for installation of Tadelakt plaster, opportunities of different material use in relation to Tadelakt installation, various Tadelakt installation work stages, and finishing with maintenance. See more in the gambling in quebec city of trainings. In addition, the firm also aims at promotion of Tadelakt sales both to private and physical persons in Finland, Russia and Baltic countries.

With Best regards, Tadelakt Oy team.



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Tadelakt is 1000-year-old Moroccan finishing technique, originating from Marrakesh region where calcinated lime has been used for finishing. By polishing lime plaster finish, using hard stones, builders achieve high-density water-resistant surface. As this region features exclusive limestone reserves with special hydraulic additives, which ensures high density and water-resistance of Tadelakt. The name does not refer to the material itself but to the processing technique, and its direct translation means “to rub in”. This is the oldest and most appraised Moroccan lime mortar in the world. Initially, tadelakt was used for waterproofing of drinking water containers, further – to cover hamammids, riads, palace facades, interior walls, ceilings and floors and in order to receive waterproof surfaces. Marble-like surface of tadelakt remains silky and beautiful, with colour variations due to changes in light. Due to polishing performed with small stone tadelakt surface is a bit wavy. Differently from ordinary mortars, tadelakt’s colour is never even, spots are polished with stronger movements form darker and deeper footprint. Final polishing of tadelakt surface with black olive soap will result in radiating a sense of eastern fairy-tale smooth and deep glossy surface. Covered with tadelakt surfaces are always unique since no identical surface shapes or finish can be repeated. Every finisher is distinguished by his own “handwriting”.


This method refers to finishing technique handed down from generation to generation, and is used to cover different interior elements and forms. Tadelakt may be also applied when covering walls, ceilings, floors, flat surfaces, sinks, baths and high-temperature surfaces. Regardless of a broad range of installation opportunities one should always weigh a purpose of the room or area. Tadelakt features very good abrasion resistance though it is not suitable for shock-sensitive or shake-sensitive spots. When planning Tadelakt, you should consider avoiding sharp exterior corners in walk-through spots or places with close physical contact as in the case Tadelakt surfaces become damage-sensitive. Alkaline reaction prevents mould fungi formation thus making Tadelakt plaster the ideal material for wet rooms.

Substrate surfaces are also relevant when applying Tadelakt plaster. The most suitable substrates include structures made from concrete, stone and clay. To avoid deformation of Tadelakt plaster, the substrate has to be maximally stable so construction should be performed taking into consideration natural expansion-constriction movements. When thinking about the plethora of different modern engineering solutions and materials, we might feel that the opportunities of Tadelakt application are limited. For instance, the most common wall structure is still traditional Gyproc installed on wooden or metal framework. However, there is no practical limit to creation of substrate suitable for application of Tadelakt by combining various techniques and methods of work. We always offer free consulting and advice in order to achieve a desired result using Tadelakt.


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Tadelakt is an exclusive building material that can be used to create elegant, respectable and beautiful interior, which gives the sense of traditional Eastern ambience. Due to its essence and colour solutions, Tadelakt matches pretty different styles and may act as interior element either in the old or modern environment. Being 100% natural product, Tadelakt contains no synthetics. It is perfect for hypoallergenic rooms. Tadelakt’s mineral composition includes hydraulic lime, silica sands of different fractions, crushed shells, marble grits, various clays, cellulose and cinder. Traditional Tadelakt plaster mortar is whitish-grey. Colour palette is varied as long as natural pigments are added. There are more than ten basic tones, combination of which results in hundreds of different colour variations.


Tadelakt Oy offers handmade Moroccan mosaic tiles. We also offer installation. Catalog is here (best live roulette program)



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Tadelakt is a manual plaster finishing technique historically used in north Africa. Though Tadelakt is no wonder itself, however, it requires dedication combined with professional knowledge of the process and long-standing experience. Since different stages of applying a Tadelakt coat require understanding of the exact moment „when to do“, so the workflow becomes a very important criterion in obtaining a desired result.

The exclusive and beautifully finished surface is created using traditional methods of handwork. Tadelakt putty is applied on prepared and damped substrate in two wet-to-wet coats. The applied putty is compacted by wooden spatulas until the so-called lime milk appears which is next compacted by plastic to get a proper density degree of dry surface. Finally, plaster is compacted by special stones in circular movements in order to get the maximal density, and after that properly dry surface can be treated with Tadelakt soap. As Tadelakt soap contains black olive oil, it reacts with lime and thus plaster finishing obtains excellent waterproofing properties and gloss.


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Tadelakt Oy

Y-tunnus: 2546695-8

Kivalterintie 22 C 47

00640 Helsinki






Meelis Koemets

Technical consultant, finisher

Sales and training

+358 445 080 071


languages: Finnish, Russian, Estonian

Jorma Venäläinen

CEO/sales manager

+358 405 550 970


languages: Finnish, English



Deniss Ivanov

Sales Manager (Russia)

+358 458 462 502


languages: Russian, English, Finnish, Estonian



Heleni Lippasaar

Graphic designer, finisher

+358 401 884 245


languages: English, Estonian

Control: write here "tadelakt"

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